Exporting with "Annotations file" and "Finder Comments"

I experimented with exporting a folder of invoices to “as Website…”.

The PDF invoices were exported but the “Finder Comments” and the “Annotations files” were not included. These invoices have details visible from the “Annotations and Reminders inspector” panel. The “Annotations” files are stored in the default location, the “Annotations” group at the root of the database. I have no idea where the “Finder Comments” are stored, perhaps as some kind of field on the document record in DEVONthink?

In any case, is there currently a way to export a folder “as Website…” and include the “Finder Comments” and “Annotations” files?

Annotation files are separate files, so no they won’t be exported. They’d have to be part of the selection you’re exporting.

Regarding Finder Comments, exactly where would you expect these to be shown in the exported results?

I am not sure if I will be needing to do this enough, but if so I would/will create something to export to a website like the following.

Given it was exporting as a web site, the folder or portion of the folder could contain its own index.html file containing links to each item. Each Item could also have its Annotation file exported, if one exists, perhaps as HTML. The finder comments could be added to the index.html file inline with the links to the applicable file.