I’m new to DT and have been evaluating a number of data storage, notebook options. One of my criteria I use for comparing the apps is the export function. I have been caught before with apps that will gladly swallow my work but wont give it up so easily if I need to migrate to another product. I don’t want to lock my information into a proprietry format. DT looks good (a bit overwhelming actually) but I have concerns about how to get the information out if I needed to.

Perhaps I should add here that a common usage pattern for me would be:
a) collect snippets of info eg. a jpeg
b) write my own bits
c) group related bits
d) export to another app for document collation and final publication
I often have a need to create long documents from related shorter pieces that I have written, compiled.

I have also read about forthcoming versions PE and PRO. I’ve looked at the website but can’t find reference to these. If I buy DT now, what will I get ?

If you buy DT now, you can sign on to be a beta tester for DTPro (quite good). You can upgrade to DTPro 1.9 for the price difference.

Be aware that the upgrade to DT and DTPro 2.x will be a paid upgrade unless you buy either within 3 months of it’s release, AFAIK.

I haven’t used DT in some time so my comments below refer to DTPro alpha.

DTPro will export documents that contain images and text as RTFD.  These are easily read by text edit and probably appleworks.

Exporting via DTPro does not preserve an embedded image when choosing Word as the format.
The RTFD format does preserve the embedded image but Word cannot read RTFD. OPML seems to lose the image as well. I don’t see an option for HTML/XML export. I suspect that HTML would preserve the image and text and be quite portable.

Perhaps it could be accomplished via an applescript…

You can always export the rtf/text/opml doc and image as separate items and create a new word doc using them individually. DTPro exports the group nicely.


Both DT PE/Pro 1.9 will be able to export multiple items as one text/RTFD/Word document. In addition, DT 1.8.1b already provides the possibility to export all contents of your database back to the filesystem (creating one file/folder for every content/group) and therefore your information is not locked in DT.

Thanks for the feedback guys.  I understand that text and image export can be a bit tricky. This isn’t as much of a priority so happy to work around it.  the OPML export is of greater interest as I’m currently using Inspiration for my outlining (I’m visual so like to be able to “see” my writing) and would like to use DT for data storage, export chunks to Inspiration for writing and planning, back into DT for storage and ultimately a wordprocessor for publication (phew :slight_smile: )
DT looks like the way to go for me but I’m a little overwhelmed trying to understand it’s true potential.  I’m putting data in to see what it looks like. If may make a naive suggestion, adding a demo database might help people appreciate what it can do a little quicker. For example, the help files could be replicated and kept in the “friendly, familiar” apple format but also, in a DT database to play with.
The other thing I like about DT is this forum. Having lurked for a little while, it seems like a great community with good developer interaction and that is worth it’s weight in gold.
Thanks for your thoughts.


I am glad to see someone overwhelmed by the features like me.

Good idea, it is already possible to create such a DB with a command just below the help command.

Anyway, this is a good opportunity to insist in a good and detailed manual for the next version.

always repeating the same suggestions…  ;D


Thanks for the tip Maria. I did as you suggested and had a ‘play’. Still feeling overwhelmed but getting my head around it.

There’s quite a bit of functionality in DT. It can take some time to really see the benefits. I’ve owned it for over a year and I’m just now taking the time to really acquaint myself.

I thought it might be neat to have  a "role" function built into a complex app like DT. For example, when it was used as  a writing tool, only certain options, GUI elements, etc would be presented to the user. It would be customizable so that one could have as much or as little of the entire feature set as one wanted/needed.

Of course I’m sure that would be no small task, if at all possible.

Sails, your experience is not unique. keep plugging away and you’ll be rewarded.

good luck