extended options for tooltips?

Hello all,

When using the “See Also” Pane (from Alt+click) on other documents from the one I’m editing, mousing over the names brings the tooltip window, but has not comments on it.

This is problematic for me, because when I started using DTP, I indexed many PDFs and many of those files kept the cryptic filename conventions I used in my pre-mac years (like 01apj125f345.pdf for an article coming from the Astrophysical Journal…). Changing names to hundreds of files is not an option now (they are indexed from my HD, and actually still stored copies of them in a PC with those names in my office). My workaround is to have them with clearer metadata information in the Alias and Comments fields (which work for both DTP and Spotlight/Leap tagging).

In the three-panes Split I can see the Comments right away on the column view, and in the two-pane Split, I love the tooltips telling me more about what the files mean, without opening each one (thanks to the requests from other users:
devon-technologies.com/phpBB … php?t=2615)

Can we have the option to set what is displayed in these tooltips (like adding this in the Preferences, with choices like “show comments” or “aliases”)?

Can we have these extended options in other situations/Views (like when mousing files in the “See Also” pane or the three-pane Split)?

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Additional preferences would be overkill but adding the comments to tooltips of drawers shouldn’t be a big deal.

Hello again,

Thanks for adding tooltips with comments in the “See Also” pane. That’s very useful (as I mentioned in the initial post on this thread).

Could we have a similar feature when “mousing” over the files found in a search window? (or whenever a tooltip is displayed :smiley: ).

The same problems I initially faced when using the pane “See Also” with no comments in tooltips, now apply when looking at several cryptic filenames that fulfilled the searching criteria. And the search window has no way to select which columns will be displayed on it (am I correct?)…

Thanks again,

Mauricio Argote-Cortes

Actually the tooltips of search results contain already both the title and the comment. Which version do you use?