Extension checkbox won't accept tick on safari 13

The D3 extension checkbox on Safari 13 won’t accept a tick to turn it on. I upgraded to D3 today and in fact I unchecked another extension while fiddling with it trying to get the D3 extension to work and that now won’t accept a tick either. Does anybody have any suggestions? I can’t find any ‘permissions’ etc that I have failed to set properly that I know of. People on MPU Discourse seem to have similar problems. If you uncheck a box for any extension at all now it won’t check back on again.

We have no control over Safari’s preferences.
Did you quit and relaunch Safari?

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I know it is outside your brief really, I just though you might know a solution, if anybody does it would be you :relieved: I tried all the usual things short of reinstall. I just don’t feel that is the issue. While fiddling as I say I also disabled LastPass which was working fine but would not check back on again when I toggled it. I searched around permissions and Developer menu items and all sorts. Nothing worked. I will say I only upgraded today as well. I don’t know if that is relevant?

I saw an issue with this and after quitting and relaunching Safari, I was able to enabled the checkbox again.

It didn’t work for me, I tried that BLUEFROG. I can wait I don’t use the extension much at the moment anyway. I like it to work though. I am more fed up with the Last Pass and again that is one that won’t let you uninstall the extension unless you delete the whole app. Thanks for you time and trouble and prompt response by the way. I love the D3 and I really don’t understand all this ‘bring back 3 pane view’! Sorry to go off topic. :sunglasses:

No worries, you’re welcome, and thanks for the kind words and support! It’s very appreciated :slight_smile:

PS: Actually, DEVONthink 3 is the same uninstall process as LastPass. This seems to be the way Apple wants things done for their “native extensions” nowadays. :man_shrugging:

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Apple Support advised me to try re-starting is Safe Mode, that worked and I was able to tick the checkbox for your app and Last Pass and then restart normally. The extensions were where they should be.

Those are all I have on Safari anyway. I am not going to try toggling them now on the current machine. I don’t need to and I won’t tempt fate just ‘to see’ if it is working right.

I thought you might like to know. The support person had no idea she said why that does it by the way. Last Pass is really complicated now too I find. I am kind of locked into it though. Like DEVONthink 3 which I am quite happy to be locked into really. :smile:

Indeed. Thanks for sharing the info from Apple Support too.

And glad you’re locked in here with the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem - as I remember it, quitting Safari AND DT3 helped; I believe I then restarted Safari and was able to activate the check box. Only then did I restart DT.

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