External Editing of PDFs Stripping Tags

I’ve got a weird one I just noticed yesterday and tested today.

I have my Zotero library indexed in DT and it works great. Zotero is also installed on my work computer (Windows 10). When I annotate in Adobe Reader DC and save the file, Zotero on Windows syncs the changes back to Zotero on my Mac, and the changes show up in DT–just like I’d expect–EXCEPT it strips the tags.

At first, I thought it was because Adobe does a “save as” each time and maybe it was causing DT to think it was a different file, but I have verified that the item link and any custom metadata seems to stick, it’s just the tags that get stripped.

Anyone else experience this?

Maybe DT uses Finder tags to represent its tags? And I doubt that Windows supports Finder tags. You could check by copying the file to windows and back again(without changing it in Adobe), I guess.

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Ahh, I’ll bet that’s it.

DEVONthink writes its tags to Finder tags too but the actual representation is only internal (inside the database). However, in case of e.g. externally modified or tagged files the Finder tags are also read again.

That flow makes sense–and in this specific case annoys me–but it’s still the right flow.

There’s a hidden preference to disable im/exporting of Finder tags, see appendix of help.

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