External Links not working on Logos 5

I used to establish links successfully between Logos Bible Software 4 and DT. With the change to Logos 5 the links no longer work. The company says that it works on their end but certainly not on my computer. This is the way I have been doing, but the result is still negative.

  1.   You’ll need to type some text in your RTF document. I used “Text text text” in my example below.
  2.   Once you’ve written your text, highlight it and click the chain-link icon to make it a link.
  3.   Right-click on your linked text, and choose “Edit link”.
  4.   Paste your Logos URL into the box and click OK.
  5.   You can now click the link to open Logos to that location. 

The company asked me to inquire DT about this problem. Now old Logos 4 links don’t work and neither do Logos 5 from DT.
Thanks for any tips on this.

What version of OS X are you using? What edition and version of DEVONthink? Have you rebooted and restarted all of these apps and tried your scenario again?

When Logos says “it works on their end”, did they reproduce the error using the same version of OS X and DEVONthink that you have? It’s difficult to say “it works” without doing that.

Generally, DEVONthink works with custom URLs (such as your Logos URL) that OS X knows about. Open TextEdit (OS X’s built-in editor), create a RTF file. Add some text, select it, and select Edit > Add Link. Paste your Logos link into the dialog that opens. Test the link.

If the Logos link works in TextEdit but not DEVONthink, then there might be a problem with DEVONthink. The forum cannot fix that problem. Write to support@devontechnologies.com.

If the Logos link does not work in TextEdit, it will not work in DEVONthink, and you’ll need to address that with the Logos support team.

I am using Mountain Lion, and DT 2.4.3. Yes, I have rebooted all of these apps and the scenario is still negative. Logos tried to reproduce in two apple machines, one with L4 and the other with L5. They state the links worked on both machines. I suppose they are working with Mountain Lion. On my end the problem presents itself as well on TexEdit. I am at a loss here, with the problem happening on my computer only. Thanks for any further help.

If you rebooted, and the problem occurs in TextEdit, then it seems possible that something in the upgrade from L4 to L5 caused the custom URL scheme for L5 to not get registered with OS X.

I’d suggest that you get instructions from Logos for completely removing the program (but not your personal Logos-related data) from your computer, reboot, and then download and install a fresh copy of L5.

By purchasing a Samsung 840 500GB SSD drive and doing a fresh install I ended up fixing this problem. BTW, this drive solved all my long delays and beachballs when searching in my large PDF databases. For those who are interested, do yourself a favor and invest in an SSD (I also upgraded to 16RAm, it’s a must as well)