External Monitor Recommendations

I am looking for recommendations on external monitors including portable ones.

I currently have a Dell 24", but the cable won’t fit into the new Mac I am about to purchase. If the cable I ordered to connect this Dell to the new Mac does not work, I will have to buy a new monitor, preferably larger. Because I really would like to change where I work from time to time, I am thinking of getting a portable external monitor.

So I am curious to know what monitors you find reliable – both large stationary and largish (ca. 15") portable.

Thank you to the hosts for allowing these extra questions, and thank you to everyone for your thoughts.

Though I have no useful recommendations on this, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Your Dell monitor is either HDMI, DVI or VGA (maybe DisplayPort or Thunderbolt but unlikely)

There are Apple dongles for all of those types of plug to convert to the USB C type plug on all new laptops, Minis, and iMacs.
If you’re buying an older used Mac you might get Thunderbolt2 plugs but they made dongles for those as well.


This question or variations thereof appear routinely on the Mac Power Users forum. You may find better insights there.


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I have LOVED my LG UltraFine 27" 5k monitor.

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I just bought one of these and it works fine with my MacBook Pro via usb-c: Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor - C2722DE | Dell UK

Does make me wish for a higher res monitor but it does the job.

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Great info. I called apple to ask them about it, and the person recommended a cable. I bought two different ones, so hopefully one will work. If not, I am onto trying out your suggestion.

Thank you for the great resource. I was wondering if I need to go to reddit.