Extra line returns

Wanted to point something out that has [always?] happened to me when using DT and could perhaps be fixed:

When I’m adding text from a webpage, specifically a news-style site that runs the text in a column down the page, I’ll usually select the article text and bring it into DT as plain text via Services. For some reason, I get a bunch of line returns in between each paragraph, which I had just been removing manually. I had discounted this as the quirkiness of such page designs, except that I now realize when I bring the same text in as Rich Text, the extra returns aren’t there. When I convert that text into plain text, the extra returns aren’t there…

In fact, it probably is an idiosyncracy of the particular web page design causing these extra line returns, but can this be "fixed" nonetheless?

Actually DEVONthink stores the data provided by browsers (or other applications) unmodified. The best browser for taking notes was OmniWeb but as the OmniGroup switched to the Safari engine too, it’s now as good or bad as Safari (and looking at our weblog OmniWeb seems to be quite dead)

Personally I use the WordService command "Reformat" to fix this. Unfortunately this command does not retain different text styles at the moment but this will change in WordService 3.0.