Extra scripts?

I’ve downloaded and installed DT1.0.2, it did the automatic installation of add-on scripts, etc. I can’t find any documentation of precisely what it added or did or what might remain to be done manually. I’ve noticed that some of the scripts when I’m in Safari seem to be duplicated only named differently. For example: “Add image from Safari” and “Add image to DEVONthink” seem to be the same, as do “Add linked images from Safari” and “Add linked images to DEVONthink” and there are others. Do we need to remove some of these (if so, which ones) or is there some minor distinction in functionality that isn’t immediately apparent or what? Is there specific documentation about this and I’ve just missed it (I’ve looked at Help and the new tutorial, maybe I’m missing it). One thing that is not clear during the install is whether all the script folders, etc., need to be moved from the disk image to the Applications folder after dragging the DT program there and before opening it or whether they need to remain on the disk image or at what stage they are moved. Opening the program immediately resulted in the “install add-ons” query and it was not apparent whether it would read them from the Applications > DEVONthink Pro folder or if it would update them using the disk image or whether they are fully contained in the application (which I now suspect, unable to find them on disk image, I just checked) at this point.

At any rate, maybe a slightly better install “read me” could be included on future updates and I could use some help identifying whether I should get rid of any of these scripts. I just don’t have the time anymore to play around with programs and installations to figure out what they are doing. I will say, however, that automatic installation of all the scripts and add-ons is a great idea (if I just knew what it had done!). LOL. Thanks in advance.



Yes, the new auto-installation of scripts and add-ons is a great convenience, and saves users from having to hunt around and figure out how to install them.

I agree that documentation of what was done and were items were installed would be desirable. And I’ll check as to which items from previous installations may not have been deleted.

Good questions. :slight_smile: