Extracting Image from OCR'd PDF -- and dbase size hints

Hi there,
I’m wondering if there was a quick way to select and copy an image from a PDF document in DTPO?
When I’m converting from PDF to RTF – ie taking notes – I frequently need to refer to a graph or diagram. I know I can export it to Preview, extract and reimport but it really interrupts the work flow… and when you are on a roll… it’s distracting.
Can this be done?
If not, then given the rest of DTPO is such a miracle, would it be possible to include this feature in a future edition?

I’m also trying to reduce my dbase size: up to 5GB now. Any tips from weight watchers?
Many thanks

You might check if using Tools > Backup & Optimize will have any impact (use it several times to ensure that all backups are as small as possible).