Extracting specific fields


I’m attempting to get 2 pieces of information about a group of files into a text file. These are video files, and all I want to get is the filename followed by the file duration, like this…

video1 duration1
video2 duration2 … etc
(I need the listing like this, in a text file, for another programme that is going to play the video files and needs this information presented in this way).

I have the 3 pane view open, with only file name and duration showing. If I export I get only the file names. If I print a pdf, i get the filenames and durations as I want, but if I then import that back into Devonthink, and run OCR, I get 2 lines - one, a long line containing the filenames, and a second line containing all the durations.

Is what I’m trying to do actually possible?