Extreme delay selecting text in DTTG on iOS

I’ve had a problem for the past year (yeah I know I’m a little late reporting it) where it takes anywhere from 5-10 seconds to select text when editing a note. If I double click a word, it literally takes an average of 8 seconds for the app to respond with it being selected and the toolbar appearing with options. It basically makes the app unusable to me for editing notes, as evidenced by the fact that I had imported, deleted, and filed all my Apple Notes… and now I am back up to 600 notes again. I kept thinking someone would report it and a fix would happen, but it has persisted across multiple iOS and DTTG upgrades.

Before posting this, I completely deleted the DTTG app and all data off my iPhone and redownloaded it from the App Store. I created a new note in the Global Inbox and saved it. It only had the word Hello in it. As expected, when I edit the note and double click Hello, it takes 8 seconds to select it and the cut/copy/etc. toolbar to appear.

I’m assuming you’re referring to rich text or formatted note content.
This is an issue caused by iOS 13 and the rich text framework. We are investigating what may be done but since rich text is not mobile native (nor supported by Apple), it will likely take a larger change under-the-hood.

Thanks. Do you know if this is something the developers see as a critical problem, or more like a wish list to get text selection working again?

It’s not a wish list item but as I said, RTF is not a mobile format with no explicit support from Apple. Is it the most critical thing right now? No as we have some far more pressing things we are working on. It is higher on the list than some items but it will take far more work than some simple fix.