Failed database verification

My Inbox database keeps failing database verification. Others work just fine. The log says, “Please repair the database”. How can I repair my database?

You can repair it via Tools > Verify & Repair. If this should fail, then a screenshot of the alert would be useful.


I am trying to do a Export–>Database Archive but it fails as
Verification of database failed. Note: the verification repair fails too.

Do I have to rebuild the database?

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Depending on the issues a rebuild might be necessary. A screenshot of the alert would be useful (e.g. in case of missing files you could either update indexed folders or e.g. trash the items via the contextual menu of the Windows > Log panel).

I don’t see tools>verify and repair?

This is an old thread. Many threads older than April 2019 refer former versions of DEVONthink and might therefore be obsolete or not useful at all. See File > Verify & Repair Database… now.

@extracampine you can filter a forum search by adding after to the query:

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