Failure in Mail scripts?


When I try to use the script Add Messages & Attachments to DTPO a box appears notifying:

Can’t set «class DTur» of missing value to false

And in DTPO only the message but not the attachments is imported.

When I chose the script Add Attachments to DTPO a box appears notifying:

Can’t set «class pURL» of missing value to “”[name of the sender]" <[email address of the sender>".

All attachments are imported.

What’s wrong?

Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Friedrich

What kind of attachments does this email include? Are you able to e.g. import emails with images?


Yes, by entering Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+M

Hope that helps.

Kind regards, Friedrich

Did this ever work for you?

What versions of DEVONthink and OS X are you using? Is the account a Gmail account? (There were failures with some AppleScripts running with Gmail accounts in 10.9.0.)

FWIW, the scripts you mention work as expected (import messages, import attachments) over here with DEVONthink Pro Office 2.7.2 running under OS X 10.9.1, with Gmail accounts and non-Gmail accounts.

Also, FWIW, sometimes simply rebooting everything clears these problems.

I do not know, because I’ve never before tried to use it

DTPO 2.7.2 and OSX 10.9.1

No. It’s a standard IMAP account.

I’ll try it. Could S/MIME or PGP cause this problem?

Kind regards, Friedrich

The message(s) are PGP encrypted?