Failure to Open

I have had Devonthink Pro Office on a Mac for the last year. Now every time I try to open it a “quit unexpectedly” message appears. At first I thought it was a lack of sufficient memory issue but I have created more space and the problem remains. Anyone know how much flash storage needs to be available for Devonthink to run? or any suggestions on what the problem may be? This is very frustrating at this point.


Please download a new installer from here and replace your current version: … d=download

Do not run a third-party uninstaller. If your browser isn’t set to open safe downloaded files, just double-click the ZIP file to decompress it. Then double-click the disk image to open it, and drag and drop the application into the /Applications folder, allowing it to overwrite the old version when you’re prompted.
(There is no danger to your data when you do this. (1) Your data is not stored in the application, and (2) we would not give you instructions that would jeopardize your data.)