fake replicants

Hi, I’m seeing two possibly related things.

Firstly, when I create a pdf through the print dialog of another app, and send it to DV, sometimes I get a replicant in a completely unrelated location.

Secondly, I just created a new folder and added some tags, including ‘2013’. It instantly became a replicant (went red) of a folder miles away, which is called 2013.

How does DV actually decide something is a replicant? I’m struggling to see a pattern here, beyond the fact that things are either being replicated for reasons I can’t fathom, or falsely labelled as replicants.


It would appear that you have tagging for groups enabled. If so, when you tag a document with a name that matches the name of a group (e.g. 2013), then the document is replicated (tagged) into that group. You can turn off group tags on a group-by-group basis with the Info pane (see right, below), or turn off group tags for the entire database with the Exclude Groups from tagging in the File>Database Properties pane (see left, below).