False Duplicates, Help File not Clear

I’m getting “duplicates” that are completely different videos with very different names.
From the Help and Forum Files I’m finding this, but it’s not clear to me what I have to do in my case.

One last note: A duplicate is not necessarily a byte-for-byte duplicate but can also be a ‘close match’. When you use the second option above, you could select Open from the context menu and edit the file and you would see the green bar on the edited file has turned gray and is shorter. DEVONthink will consider it a close match but no longer a duplicate, even if the name was still the same. It won’t be something so small as adding a comma to break the duplicate status though. (Think about it — if the only difference in two things you’ve read is a single comma or sentence, you’d functionally consider them the same.)

You might want to try the setting stricter recognition of duplicates in the preferences.

(And here too: if you search for false duplicates here in the forum, the answer to your question is in the top five posts)

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that worked…are there downsides to this? It’s off by default, so not sure why.

None that I’ve noticed :slight_smile:


I had this problem too. With wildly different files. A 100 mb .mov, a 500 mb .mov, and 7 .m4a voice recordings of various sizes, names, dates, all called duplicates. I played the files to be sure they were not duplicated. I tried moving them in and out of databases, fully removing, renaming, etc. They had been in the database for months.

“Stricter recognition of duplicates” solved the problem but it’s unsettling to think of how many files I have trashed in the past because I saw the bold blue text.

Is strict not the default? Isn’t that a guarantee that more users will mistakenly delete docs on the same “it said they were duplicate” assumption? If it is the default, perhaps a strong warning when disabled, or a different color for “close match duplicate” vs “actual duplicate”?

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