Family Licence Question

I am curious if DevonTech has the concept of a Family licence? Or household licence. I have a new Mac Studio and would like to use it as a document server for the other couple of people at home.

My son is starting to do research using Scapple, Scrivener and would like to Add DevonThink to the mix from his laptop. In short, a single server + 3 people. Or 5 Machines + the Server.

Are you referring to using the Server edition to allow others to access specific DEVONthink databases via a web browser?

There is no cost-per-concurrent user for the Server edition.

  • Set up in Preferences > Server.
  • Add whatever users and passwords per-database, as needed.
  • Start the server.
  • Send the URL for the others to add as a bookmark in their browser.
  • Done (as long as DEVONthink Server is running and the shared databases open).

If you would like to set up a set of share databases rather than a server, with native clients on all devices, then you would need seats for all Macs. We don’t have a seat-less family license.

On iOS, however, DEVONthink To Go supports Family Sharing.

I hadn’t considered that option. I have always used DTPro and was thinking they would too. But one person would most likely only access scanned documents… so they might be a good candidate for the server option.

OK. Any thought of going that way for MacOS too?

No, currently we have no plans to bring DEVONthink back into the Mac App Store. The sandboxing model is too restrictive for an application like DEVONthink and we would need to cut down features.

I was asking more about offering a family license and less about the Mac App Store. I certainly know that wouldn’t work.

Sounds like the answer would be no. And no problem with that. Just asking.

No, no family licensing planned at the moment. Sorry.