FAQ guide to icons used in DT

I’d like to see a guide to all the icons used in DT. It could be either an FAQ or in the Help Menu or a page in the manual (maybe it should be in all three). Just something where all the icons are shown visually with a short explanation of what each one means.


There’s already a short paragraph in the help, see Windows and Panels: Main Window. Or just search for “Icon” without quotes, it should be the first result.


Thanks, I found it, but I think it could be placed more prominently (I had to scroll down in the help window to find it) and be a little more clear.

Maybe make it a separate topic and give it the title “What do the icons mean?” in the index and have them displayed as follows:

(arrow) indexed file
(padlock) locked file
(cartoon bubble) comment, etc.
(scroll) scripted

If seems like every time there is an upgrade a new icon is added (which is good because there is some new function), but I spend time trying to figure out what the new thingey means.


I’d agree with Karen’s suggestion. I hope the list of icons will grow to include one for annotations - ideally an icon that, when clicked, opens the annotation in a separate window.

I found it under “Iconology” in the Devonthink Pro User Manual (p134) VERSION 2.7.6