Fast email replies

Newbie here. Isn’t there a faster way to reply to emails rather than having to right-click, search down, and select “Send Reply”? And is there a way to set DT so that when I double-click on an email’s icon that it opens up in my original program rather then DT? Clicking the “mailto” link at the top only preserves the subject text and “to” address.


With the email selected, click on the “Open Externally” icon in the Toolbar to open it under Mail. Or Conytol-click, choose “Open With” and choose Mail.

Awesome! I just had to customize my toolbar first to add the "Open with " icon to my toolbar. I frigging love this app! :smiley:

Now I just need to figure out how to have emails stored in DT that I can now reply to from within the Mail app automatically put a copy of my reply email into DT… Maybe a Mail rule that triggers the appropriate AppleScript, but how to trigger the Mail app rule… Hmmm …


What I don’t like: I’m working on a project in DT and I open up an email that’s stored in DT and I reply to it in my regular email program (Mail). My reply should be part of the project I’m working on though, and managing in DT. So now I have to dig into my “sent” messages in my email app and drag it over to DT. Inefficient.

What I want: a way to reply to an email AND have it add my reply message auto-magically to DT.

What I’m doing: writing an applescript for Mail that will do just that. Instead of hitting “send”, you run the script. It sends off the email and imports your email into DT. Should be done soon.


Hi Russ,

Did you manage to write the send mail applescript as it is something that I really would like to be able to do. Getting received email into DTP works for me (though I would like to figure out how to get the emails in my Global Inbox to automatically go to a particular folder dependent upon the senders email address) but getting the sent email into the system currently requires me to go to my sent folder and then add to DTP which is a bit of a pain.

Ideally I would like to have folders for customers and when either I send an email to them or they send one to me the email automatically is imported into DTP into the customers correspondence folder. I wonder if this is possible.