Fast scan no longer working properly

Hi there!
I’ve been using DA for a couple of years with no problems, and this morning I find that Fast Scan doesn’t seem to return results anymore.

For example, I type in “Unilever” (a company name) and search and all I get back is 1 entry from YouTube! Normally I would get 40-50 documents. Looking at the log, I see error 302 from Yahoo and MSN, and a Link=1 message for Google (see attachment).

Any thoughts?


Although I got more results, the 301/302 etc. is the same for me, too.

I second the opinion that FastScan no longer properly works.

Some rant about the political decision to prefer DevonThink above DevonAgent related to softwaredevelopment and updates:

In general I must admit that DevonAgent seems to be “orphaned” like its
the unloved ugly child of DevonTechnologies, and most if not all development
DTech invests into DevonThink

Its SERIOUSLY time for an updated version; especially since 2.0.2 is released now. Dont forget us DA users - I use it frequently and IMHO theres nothing comparable on the Mac. And somehow I doubt DA has only minor sales done (at least I hope that its still a major product at DTech)

just my 2cent

Actually we’re working on version 2.5 and I’ve just adapted the latest build to the revised results of Google using click handlers. Just send me an email and I’ll send you a download link to the latest beta.