Faster way of marking items as read?

I’m using DTG2 as a RSS reader.

Is there any faster way of marking items as read? Right now, what I have to do is manually tap in into the document, and then press the back button to have it do this.

There’s no ‘swipe to mark as read’, and the batch edit item doesn’t allow me to mark items as read as well.


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No there’s not. The request is noted. Thanks.


Would it also be possible to add a ‘next document’ and ‘previous document’ icon within the document viewer in DTG 2.0?

Something like this:

I understand that DTG is not a RSS reader (in terms of its primary purpose.), but at the same time, such a feature would be absolutely invaluable.


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Would it be helpful to select multiple items, then show the Info panel and mark them all unread? This would add more functionality, too, like marking them all flagged etc.

That feature would be very welcome.

Would it be possible for me to be in contact with DEVONtechnologies via email?

Happy to express my thoughts regarding having a smoother RSS reading workflow on mobile in length, and send some wireframes/mock-up interfaces.

Sure. Please see our Contacts page.


I’ve drafted something and I’ll send it to DEVONtechnologies soon.