faster way to open a page in chrome


for recording my investigative steps / secure the online evidence I’m working with a Chrome plugin ( on my mac.

For this tool I need to open the interesting pages from the result page and/or the DA Browser in Chrome to ensure this page is recorded.

It’s a perfect workflow for me as I work mainly on the windows/linux machines and need the mac only for Devon Agent.

Now…what I’m looking for is the shortest possible way:
a) batch open selected hits in Chroe from DA result list / browser
b) open single hits / pages in the result list / browser in chrome

For a) I have no clue
For b) there is no right click with this context in the browser and I don’t know how to change that
–> I know the menu with the gear … but that a few clicks away

What is the fastest way for a) and b)?



Is Chrome your default browser? Then you could use the contextual menu item “Launch URL”.

“Launch URL” is only available in the “search window”, but I need to see the “real page” in the “Web Browser Window” first and then decide if I need to store it via Chrome. (which is the default browser)

Here I need to go to the “gear” icon.

Is there a shorter way in the web browser?



You could use Data > Launch URL and its shortcut (Cmd-Ctrl-O)