Favorite in menubar not open in new window

Hi. Searched but can’t find setting in Favorites (Go/Favorites) to jump to a file instead of Open file. Click on filename on left sidebar’s Favorites will jump to that file but Go/Favorites opens the file in another window instead. Is there a way to have Go/Favorites not open a file in new window? Ended up having too many windows opened :neutral_face:

Currently the Favorites open favorited documents in a new document window. This helps to preserve the current selection in a main window.

You can always use the Go > To Document (Shift-Command-O) utility popover instead.

Reason for favorites so I can quickly jump to documents I use frequently instead of using Go/To Document (btw I think you meant Control-Command-O) which needs document name to be physically typed in.

Please consider adding a setting to have favorites opened in current window instead of new window. Or have keyboard shortcuts for favorites on left sidebar instead of current keyboard shortcut for favorites opening up documents in new window making it messy having so many windows opened. Thanks