Favorite mode for clipping Wikipedia?

DT offers a wide range of options for saving content from the Web for archiving, but for whatever reason none of them satisfy me in saving Wikipedia pages. In clutter-free mode the images are removed and the text becomes very sparse, while conversely the whole page “as is” is far too confusing to be consumed later. Curious to know your clipping best practices and format of choice, whether for Wikipedia or otherwise.

PDF documents or formatted notes without the clutter-free option are IMHO very useful as the layout & links are retained, images etc. are embedded and all platforms support PDF & HTML.

I also use PDF a great deal as it’s a static, locked file of the page in its current state.
I also use web archive for very long pages as overly long PDFs can be a bit unwieldy in DEVONthink To Go.
I only use clutter-free on sites with clickbait and ads all over the page.

These are all valid assumptions, but what I really miss is a simply “Instapaper-style” layout (i.e., clutter-free but with retained text body images).

The paginated PDF is IMHO already a very good option, e.g. doesn’t include the navigation. What exactly is still clutter in your opinion?

There simply is no single clipping solution for all web pages.

Indeed Wikipedia is a bit special but on the other hand does offer a Download as PDF / Printable version option. Mostly I go for the latter.

Agreed. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s exactly right. Anyway, the “printable pdf,” as suggested above, I have found to be the most reliable.