Favorites reloaded? Or: nesting and renaming of favorites

Hi, just curious what other people are doing to get more out of favorites - or perhaps there is something I don’t understand about them that would help:

I’d love to do two things with my favorites:

  1. Nest favorites
    I.e. I would create favorite “groups” that I could name “Work” or “Open Projects” or similar, just to get a bit more structure set up

  2. rename favorites
    I tend to structure my groups into subgroups and sometimes sub-subgroups. I.e. for a particular customer, I’ll have subgroups for each project and in these subgroups on “Project management”, “commercials”, “support issues”, etc.
    If I drag a “commercials” Subgroup into my favorites it, well, is called “commercials”. If I do that for several customers, I will have several favorites called “commercials”… I’d love to just rename them to “Customer 1 Commercials” without actually having to name the group they link to in such a complicated fashion.

Ideas, anyone? Or is that something for DevonThink 4? :slight_smile:

Best regards,

  1. Grouping Favorites is planned for a future release.
  2. You can already rename a Favorite without affecting the actual group.

Fantastic, thank you!

ad 1) looking forward to it!

as 2) super - as removing a favorite is done via a right click, I thought a rename function would be there, too (it isn’t, ergo it isn’t possible to rename a favorite). A single click and hover does the trick, though. Thank you, that really helps! Recommendation: put it in the right-click menu as well (for those with thick heads like me).

You’re welcome!

Recommendation: put it in the right-click menu as well (for those with thick heads like me).

Actually, there is no Rename option in the contextual menus of any item.

You’re right.
In the Finder there is, though, and that is probably why my expectation was that there would be a Rename function in the right click menu here as well. Just to explain.