Favourites synced between macOS and iOS?

Does anybody have an idea how to sync Favourites between macOS and iOS (or even between two macOS devices)?

Favorites are not synchronized currently, therefore the only option is to copy the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Favorites.plist from one computer to another while DEVONthink 3 isn’t running.

This may be a rather crude solution, but if you work with favourites a lot, it’s worth a shot.

Setup - necessary only once

  • in each database, create a regular group called something like “★ XXX Favourites” where XXX is the database name.
  • on each device, add these pseudo-favourite groups into the sidebar Favourites

Any item you want to see in your favourites, you need to replicate into its database’s favourite group. Because these groups are synced between all devices, the favourites are the same everywhere. In addition there can be normal favourite items (added directly to the sidebar Favorites) that show up only on one Mac or on iOS devices.


  • it takes one additional click/tap to get to a favourite item
  • there is no custom sort order in DTTG

Hope this helps


Not crude at all, especially if it’s useful. :slight_smile:

That’s great. Will try it. Thanks heaps!