(feature:) copy / paste group

As my dissertation is moving closer to the finished line, I often have to replicate or copy items from one (unstructured) folder to another folder (which is thematically structured). Then, I find myself dealing with an annoyance: To copy / replicate a file means to use a comlicated rightclick-navigate-hit-and-miss-operation, especially with several databases open. The automatic classify-option is not a good alternative when you have to change the order manually. With replicates, dragging the file with the alt key pressed is a bit more helpful, but still, it involves keeping several windows open and often performing complex navigations.

In the finder, moving items is much easier, because it is possible to copy/cut them and later paste them into the target folder.

Thus my feature request: Please enable Cmd-C / Cmd-X / Cmd-V for files and folders in DT, so that restructuring or sorting the DB becomes easier.


Finder doesn’t support Edit > Cut of files, at least up to 10.5.8.

you are right, even with 10.6.1 - I mixed it up with Excel.

Even Cmd-C for files and folders woud be very useful in organizing files - a “cut”-functionality would do even better!

I’d also like Copy/Cut/Paste support for DT documents/groups, and possibly suggested it several years ago… or maybe I’m getting it confused with requesting it for NetNewsWire feeds/groups. :slight_smile:

I will find it very useful to have the ability to copy and paste a file with regular Finder keyboard shortcuts.

This will make it easy for me to have multiple files with different dates after modifications have been worked on this .(e.g. contracts drafting, etc.)

Also, it will be great if you could implement the Command-I for Get Info panel on the file.

The more DT can resemble the Finder in terms of file access and movements, it will ease the usability for new users.


Apple uses Command-I in the Finder to get the Info panel, but also uses Command-I in text editing to italicize selected text.

DEVONthink uses Command-I in text editing to italicize selected text, and Shift-Command-I to get the Info panel of a selected document or group.

Meanwhile, I use a script to move selected groups or records more easily.

I was going to suggest this as a feature in DT3, and then I saw it’s already a very old feature request.
Copy-pasting items and groups in DT3 like in the Finder (including paste-and-delete-original) would indeed make moving stuff around much more natural.