Feature: fix quoted email addresses and missing..

In imported emails, the Author column is often quoted (but not always). Remove the quotes from the name. This stems from emails with addresses in the following format:
“Jason J” jason@example.com
Jason J jason@example.com

In any case, the display should show Jason J, not “Jason J”.

In addition, if an email address isn’t of the format:
“Jason” jason@example.com
the author column is empty. For example, this will leave that column empty:

In this case, jason@example.com should probably show

These are well known bugs in the Pantomime open source library that we use. Feel free to fix them and I’ll be happy to incorporate your (or someone else’s) changes. They are not very high priority for us but may require a lot of work to fix.

Went looking for the library, all I found was a dead link to their home page. Do you have an active one?

Maybe the project is dead. I haven’t seen updates recently either. I can always make our source available on our ftp site.

Isn’t there anything worthwhile to replace it, putting future effort into that instead of a dead project?

I don’t disagree with sjk’s comments, especially since his initials are the same as my wifes :wink:

but, I’d also be willing to take a quick gander at the source if you don’t mind posting it. Can’t promise anything, work has been massively busy recently, but since I raised the issue, maybe I can do something about it :slight_smile:

Sure bet your wife’s initials don’t spell out the same as mine. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to dissuade you from fussing with Pantomime by questioning the possibility of superior long-term alternatives. Those two ventures certainly needn’t be mutually exclusive.

Who cares if it’s dead when you have the source? This is what is so nice about open source projects. You can fork a new one or take off where someone left it.
You can find it here: ftp.devon-technologies.com/pub/Pantomime_DEVON_source.zip

In that case, if done publicly, I wouldn’t consider it dead anymore. :slight_smile:

grabbed it.