Feature Improvement: Markdown Editor

Dear DevonThink,

Can anyone please clarify the roadmap ahead for the development of the markdown editor? Great to have WYSIWYG, but automatic list recognition is a major must, among many other features which I assume you are very aware of. Please clarify if there is anything planned. Hope this gets taken seriously!



We do not announce roadmaps or schedules. What exactly do you have in mind in this case?


Well I was just asking if you are planning on making improvements, such as automatic lists. When a list is being made, that it automatically adds bullet points, like in the RTF editor.

Improvements are always planned and this one is on our endless to-do list too.

Another super important feature is the ability to notify and automatically update WikiLinks. For example, if I have a link to a file, and I rename that file, a popup would appear that would ask me to update the change, so that the link remains. I know that is what Item Links are for, but the integration with Obsidian and such platforms make it inevitable to have such a feature implemented. In general, when using Markdown documents, one should not feel confined to using Item Links only!

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This has been discussed before and there are no current plans to support this. Perhaps in a future version.

This is unfortunate, as it is a vital feature for information management systems which handle/support markdown. Really hope it gets some priority soon.

But for now, when I want to create links between my files in my database, I use WikiLinks for links between markdown (so that they are recognized by Obsidian) and item links to external files within the system. Like this I can manage my files safely, and also get the benefit of integration with Obsidian.

Thank you for your reply though! @BLUEFROG

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I second the implementation of this feature. Thanks

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