Feature questions: DT3 vs DT2

I’m still using DT2 and wondering if there’s a list of feature changes since DT2 - so I guess that’d be DT3 and any subsequent updates to it.

A couple of specifics that I’m hoping to see:

  • “Standard” bullets by default, without having to choose a style if you don’t normally need to.
  • Ability to type “hyphen space” to start a bullet list, similar to how Apple Notes does it.
  • Ability to set links to always open in a browser on click, without having to right-click and “open link”. As a web developer I never want to load a link in DT, only in a browser.

See e.g. DEVONtechnologies | New in DEVONthink 3 and DEVONtechnologies | Upgrader's Guide

Also, the Getting Started chapter in the built-in Help and manual gives the 10,000 foot view, including the basics of the UI.

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