Feature request: A better, simpler pop-up note editor

While the existing menu extra is a start, it falls short in a few areas and goes farther than I need in others. The biggest problem is that while you can create new notes, you can’t access and edit existing ones (at least, not that I can find) without going to the main application.

For me, it would be delightful to have a pop-up note editor feature that would let you assign a hotkey, gesture, menu extra item, or other input to a note or document so that you could quickly pop up that file in a box for editing.

Bonus points for things like letting you set the position and size for each document’s pop-up independently, and maybe an option to float the note above everything else. Let multiple notes be available at once even, perhaps. This would be a fantastic way to let people quickly and conveniently use DEVONthink to jot down notes, keep records of phone calls, track what they’ve been doing during the day, or even things like looking up reference material stored in DT.

This would be a huge, huge deal for me, since I spend so much time zooming across multiple documents and/or source code files all day. Switching to DT to look something up or jot something down, then back again is sort of tedious after a while, especially if screen space is at a premium.

Thanks for your feedback on the Sorter, we will consider this for future updates.