Feature Request: A Community Contributable Wiki

DevonThink is a complex application with a high learning curve(I’m being honest here). Furthermore, I have found the DevonTech fora useful, but it is sometimes difficult to find relevant information. I propose a wiki based site which allows user contribution of usage scenarios, scripts, (anything relevant to the use of DevonThink).

The advantages would be an easily navagabile means to acquire information about using the software. This could be implemented at a very modest(to nil) cost, and the benefits to the community would be enormous. Many open source software projects have such wiki sites to their advantage. It would relieve some of the burdon to the administrators of this forum and help spread knowledge.

I regard DevonThink as a very special piece of technology and would like to share my enthusiasm with the rest of the web community.

Please consider this proposal. It would require little technical effort on the part of the developers and would have enormous benefit for the end user or potential customor.

I think this is a great idea…