Feature request: a customisable inspector panel

Long shot, but figure I might as well ask: different users no doubt have different parts of the inspectors that they are keen to see all the time. E.g. I want to see backlinks and annotations, which currently can’t be seen at the same time.

If there were an inspector pane that could be customised that would be awesome. E.g. it’s possible to drag and drop items into the toolbar to create a personalised toolbar. Imagine an inspector pane that allowed drag and drop of the various existing inspector components. I could then drag the backlinks control to the top of my customised inspector, the annotations control next, and then maybe a couple of my custom metadata fields.

Any thoughts?


Yes. Path Finder.app got something similar, called “modules”. The idea is very nice, but it doesn’t work reliably. Sometimes it’s not possible do add a module, sometimes it’s not possible to remove it, sometimes they can’t be rearranged, and so on. It’s a mess.

That being said, I’d like to see a customizable inspector. I have no doubt that if this would come it would be rock-solid and simply work :slight_smile:

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The request is noted, with no promises, of course. :slight_smile:


An inspiration can come from IDEs, like JetBrain products or Adobe products, like Photoshop.

This would be amazing. +1. A customisable inspector pane would make life so much easier.

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