Feature-request: add button “New Group” in DTTG organize/browse dialog

Documents and groups can be organized in DEVONThink To Go by:

  • Selecting one/multiple documents or groups
  • Pressing the Organize button (square with arrow pointing down/inward)
  • Choose either Move, Replicate, Duplicate (or Trash)
  • Selecting a location in the subsequent browser dialog
  • Confirm by pressing either Move, Replicate, Duplicate

Use case:
While selecting a new location, one sometimes discovers that an appropriate folder is not available. This requires cancelling the Organize dialog, browsing to the same location again, creating a new group and repeat the Organize process above. These extra steps can be skipped if the browse dialog would allow for the creation of groups.

Create a New button (boxed “+”) in the Organize dialog window while browsing for a new location, similar to the New button in the toolbar.

The request is noted. Cheers!

Thanks for noting this. I would find this very helpful, also!

DEVONthink 3.0.4 brings refinements and bug fixes.

(…) You can also create new groups directly from the Data > Move popover with a new button (…)

Thanks for this change! Let’s hope this is also possible in a future DTTG release.

I’ve tried to use this feauture by moving a document, but failed to find a “new group” button or similar in a popover after upgrading though. What steps does one take to see it?

The Data > Move To… popover includes a new + button to create groups.

Found it. Thanks!