Feature Request: Add Regular Expression for Smart Group, Smart Rule, Search

There are many occasions where only regular expression based matching capability would allow DEVONthink users to implement it, just to name a few, such as

  • one might need to create a Smart Group, which would aggregate all images items whose Name is EB872DXX-ABDF829-XXB8269 (a code of letters & digits) which might be captured via DEVONthink To Go on mobile, then one might want to open this Smart Group of Captured Images to manually review it to identify the pictures to keep/sort, and some random pictures to delete.
  • one might need to create a Smart Rule, which would aggregate all Bookmark items captured in Inbox whose Name is a http://www.abc.com/def URL and automatically retrieve their webpage title and rename these items with their webpage title.

I am sure there are other tons of ways to build very commonly used Smart Group & Smart Rules based on string pattern of Name of items, which would NOT be possible without support to regular expression!

Please enlighten me on how these Smart Groups & Smart Rules could be built without using regular expression.

Hopefully, regular expression capability would be added soon.

Welcome @devfan

Full RegEx is not likely to be added, and not any time soon. There are some wildcards discussed in the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Search Operators, allowing for things like this…