Feature request: AI classification as suggestion in the Sorter

Hi, I have a feature suggestion: For people who use the sorter often to create textual notes, it would be rather helpful if the dropdown list “Location” contained the AI classification suggestions, perhaps limited to the top n suggestions.

Currently, you write notes in the sorter and either

  • just file them in the Global Inbox, using the Classify inspector from the sidebar later,
  • or you select a location by opening the Location dropdown and start typing the location’s name. However – this lacks the serendipity aspect that makes DT so useful.

So, in order to avoid the “detour” via the Inbox and inspector and at the same time keep the advantage of stumbling across correlations by chance, I’d like to propose adding some of the most likely AI suggestions to the Sorter’s UI. How would you feel about that?

No promises but the request is noted.