Feature Request: allow renaming favourites

I just started exploring DT3! What a great step into the right direction! DT3 now looks great and like a modern application - feature wise I really enjoy smart rules, as these are integrated into the application (even though I embed AppleScript, they feel much more as part of the application).

Give the current status I’d like to raise one feature request: please allow renaming of favourites independent to the linked to item (like a bookmark).
My use case is my current filing system. I have separate folders for invoices, receipts, salary statements, tax declarations etc. below these folders I have a separate folder structure for each and every year.
Now I want to quickly access the invoices folder for 2019 and the receipts folder for 2019. So I add the folder named 2019 to the favourites. I end up with two folders named 2019 :wink: I now want to rename the favs in order to distinguish them but I don’t want to rename the original folder.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.