Feature Request: Allow searching in current document via Shortcut action


I would like to be able to highlight some text in any iOS app and share it with a shortcut, which then searches within the currently open document in DTTG for this text.

Could you kindly consider adding a DTTG shortcut action, which enables this?


I can’t speak for the DTTG developers. But afaik, the concept of “currently open document” on iOS is at best a shaky one: Whenever memory gets scarce, iOS swaps out applications that haven’t been used for a while (at Apple’s discretion), along with their “open documents”. I’m not sure how much of a state these apps can save nor how much they do save.

In less technical words: When you hightlight text in an iOS app, DTTG might have ceased to be active, even though you didn’t close it.

Or I may of course be completely wrong.

That’s interesting and does make sense in general.

Nevertheless, in my personal experience doing the copy-pasting into DTTG manually on a regular basis, I can’t think of a time where iOS had closed DTTG. I’ve always been able to bring it to the front and enter the search term.

DTTG also wouldn’t need to know the specific document that is currently open.

Having opened a PDF document in DTTG and then switched to a third-party app, the shortcut I envision would simply:

  1. Open DTTG (i.e. make it the active app if it’s in the background)
  2. Activate search and enter the Shortcut Input into the DTTG document’s search field (this action is not currently available)