Feature Request: AS support for mail import/archive

As there are many topics regarding automated mail importing, I think one simple solution would be to use a daily Applescript via calendar (and Automator), which is able to trigger the mail import / mail archive function. I could not find any way to do this by now. This way one could use a dedicated Mac to archive whole mail accounts into DT every night.

Mail rules in Apple Mail on macOS. You can set them to push mail to DT when it arrives.

Be aware though, that rules such as these sometimes do not work. So if you’re very dependent on e-mail, always also check your regular mail client.

Mail rules are described on page 198 in the manual.

Thanks. But I know this already. Unfortunately it’s not an option here. I want to archive a mailbox, which get’s its mails by drag and drop from other sources. It’s kind of a “project storage mailbox”, where different people with different mail clients sort their mails into.

Putting emails into some folder would not be archiving emails as discussed in DEVONthink. Why not use a folder action or index the folder and use a smart rules to move the files into the database?

Not sure, if I described it clearly enough: Our team puts those mails into a dedicated IMAP archive account within their mail clients. They don’t do it in DT, as not everyone has DT. I want this IMAP account to be archived periodically into DT. For some of our clients this could be an elegant method of archiving and backup as well. I would be happy to recommend DT for this purpose, too.