[Feature request] Automated file indexing/linking files

Regarding OP here Automatic broken document link checker?

As a user conscious of available space on the file system (and minimalist :), I would prefer to index files in DTPO rather than create duplicates.

However, there currently isn’t a way to ensure pointers to files indexed by DTPO aren’t broken when said files are moved.

Thinking aloud, perhaps a more resilient solution could include tagging files indexed by DTOP with UIDs so that (for e.g.) if an indexed file is moved, the table attribute containing that file’s location on the file system could be automatically updated (instead of breaking).

Indexed documents (as with all documents and groups) have UUIDs already, and the file system path of the document is recorded in the database’s record for that document. The problem is the not-simple task of getting feedback from the file system when a file is moved – the UUID and initial path will not resolve that since the former is relevant only within the conext of a database and the latter is data that is useless as soon as the user moves the file.

I think, though, that the developers are sensitive to this shortcoming and are likely looking for clever ways to address the problem sometime in the future.

[edit to add – 10 nov 2014]
link to github repo for FileWatcher which uses below mentioned NSURL class github.com/psugihara/FileWatcher

correct. i said ‘tagging files … with UIDs,’ but using bookmark data – specifically the bookmarkDataWithContentsOfURL:error: method [1] – is what i had in mind :slight_smile:

tl;dr -

an aside: i’m new to DTPO, and don’t know if a plugin could temporarily solve this problem, but if any plugin devs think this makes sense as a solution i’d be keen to help hack something together.


[1] developer.apple.com/library/IOs … oURL:error:
[2] e.g. file:///.file/id=6571367.2773272/