Feature request: Automatically generate TOC when converting to PDF

DEVONthink can provide the function of generating TOC when converting some well-structured, but relatively long web pages into PDF.

Try to convert the web page to Markdown first, add a simple {TOC} to its beginning, and then convert it to PDF.

I’ve never done this before, so it’s just a theoretical suggestion. And of course the intermediate Markdown file will change the look of the web page which might be unwanted.

Thanks for the suggestion, but this loses the look and image of the original web page. I’ll look into it some more!

No, DEVONthink will not generate a table of contents when clipping web pages to PDF.

Is it possible to edit the TOC on a pdf in DT3 manually?

I mean, could you consider adding this feature in the future? I’m currently using the extension called headingsMap on Chrome. This extension adds a table of contents to the page in the form of a sidebar. I think this feature is quite helpful for browsing long web pages. But after saving as a PDF, you have to edit the TOC manually, , which is a bit inconvenient.

It doesn’t seem to be possible, I’m currently using PDF expert to edit it.

I’ve been doing the same. This is one of the few tasks that regularly pulls me out of DT3. I hope they’ll consider adding it.

One of the main purposes of keeping valuable pages is to read them over and over again. TOC gives us access to a summary of the article, which facilitates our Non-linear reading. Chrome already has several extensions to generate toc for webpage. So, I don’t think adding this feature would be a very difficult task.

Perhaps if anyone can identify which existing app/s can perform such task, it would be a good design reference for DT to consider such possibilty in the long term.

It does exist. There is a command line tool called pdftk (there is an open source implementation, you can get it with homebrew ), it can import TOC text file to PDF. So, DT3 can learn from Chrome extension (headingsMap etc.), parsing the headers out of the web page, and then import to PDF (like pdftk).

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