Feature Request: Capture Page in DT from within Safari


At least now, this script is only available in a beta of DEVONthink Pro.

I’m glad to see it in Pro, however.

Yes, this seems to be due the animated emoticons left to the edit box. Safari consumes enormous CPU resources when displaying animations.



Ahha! Yep, that’s definitely the reason. I’m still not sure why it was tolerable until yesterday but I’d noticed a general Safari sluggishness starting a few days ago. Seemingly the only recent related updates have been 10.3.6 and the Saft plugin for compatibility. Anyway…

I’ve added a PithHelmet site rule to never animate images when posting, along with a machete script to remove those annoying accesskeys that “blindly” intercept emacs-style editing navigation shortcuts. and Safari’s behavior is noticeably improved on this forum.

Thanks for your quick and accurate analysis that gave me a workaround, Eric! Later I’ll login from my eMac and check forum response without the PH rule. I’d still like to isolate the recent mysterious slowdown on my iMac G5.

Seems so. Sorry for not clarifying I’m using DT Pro… still playing six-weeks forum catchup and forgot I wasn’t posting in the beta section.