Feature request: change highlighting colors?

I like the customized label colors of DEVONthink Pro. In a future version, could you reuse label color customization code to provide customizable highlight colors too?

I ask because I have difficulty reading text beneath some of the current highlight colors. However, it may be that others have no difficulty reading the text. To be able to customize highlight colors would be very helpful for people like me, whereas others could simply use the default colors.

Thanks. Cheers – K

Indeed, several of the highlight colors are so dark they obscure the text, which means those highlight colors are practically useless. Custom color selection would be ideal; lightening up the colors would be a welcome solution in the short term.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll add this to a future release.

This problem has still not been resolved in the latest releases of Devonthink. I agree with hrmhrm that the highlighting feature is effectively useless insofar as the colors are so dark that they obscure the text.

This is the only problem I have with Devonthink, but it’s one that forces me to use an alternative application.

Please, I request either that the colors be lightened or that users be allowed to customize the highlight colors. In the meantime, does anyone know if it is possible to change the highlight colors manually?


To my knowledge, no other application team has the bad taste to subject its users to such horrible, crippled highlight colors.

Even Microsoft app developers.

Yes, I consider this to be a major problem with the application! If there is a explanation for why it has not yet been resolved, I would love to hear it!

Hrmhrm, do you have any tips to get around this problem? I’ve managed to get different highlight colors to appear in DEVONthink by copying and pasting already highlighted rich text from applications like OmniOutliner. But this method is terribly inconvenient!

Point taken as to the readability of text under some of the colors.

However, it does no good to harass the DT folks about explanations as to why the colors haven’t been changed to suit your tastes.

Let me state that I do use them and don’t have any issues with the green, yellow, orange, or magenta highlight colors, leaving only red, blue, and purple as truly unusable. Four out of seven ain’t bad and certainly not worthy of proclaiming the highlight colors as a whole as a major deficiency or even comparing the DT team of four (4!) very astute and capable programmers to the tens of thousands of incapable idiots coding MS apps. That is a really low blow considering how the core of DTPO is such a great application.

If it’s such a major crippled disaster, let me help you out. Which way did you come in? :smiling_imp:

Twicks, this is the first time I’ve ever submitted feedback to the developers of any software, so I’m sorry for not being polite in issuing my request. I can’t speak for hrmhrm, but I’m simply griping about one specific, yet frustrating problem with what is otherwise my favorite and most-used software ever. No other application comes close to being as awesome as DEVONthink, and I wouldn’t even know to begin if I were to complain about the alternatives… I have nothing but appreciation and respect for the DT team, and I’ve obviously been exaggerating the magnitude of the problem. Still, it’s something I would love to see resolved in a future release.