Feature Request: Clipper "Current Location" as a destanation

The clipper is great - I use it all the time from Safari, and occasionally inside DT to re-capture links as Markdown.

As I have an unwieldy nest of groups, tags and folders, I’ve set it up to use “Inbox of current database” as the standard destination (in DEVONthink Pro OfficePreferencesImportDestination), but sometimes that’s not what I want. There’s two things extra I’d like there, as easily-findable options (as easy to find as the ‘Global Inbox’ item):

  1. “Current group (name of group?)” - I could choose the current group from the drop-down, but that’s a lot of faffing. It might not even be in there. I just want the group I have in the current (or last-used) window selected. As a user of really advanced technology, I don’t want to think!

  2. “Classification suggestion: Suggested group” - I’m starting to train the classifier nicely now. It’s constantly astounding me at how sharp its suggestions are (and making me question my own organisation when it misfires!) - something that would give an option to the likeliest hit in the classifier’s opinion? Naturally this would only make sense when capturing selected or existing content.

I think these would be really useful features for those of us who clip constantly from the web and struggle to keep on top of our organisation. :slight_smile:

(The markdown capture is phenomenal. Talk about disk space saving, now most web pages are weighing in at multiple MB of assets and 3rd party junk)

Destanation is the place where Destas come from, much like Supermarionation is where Super Mario and the Tracy family come from, and Desalination is wher… oh for an edit button.

“Classification” doesn’t work across databases – so that option might be a bit odd or a bit tricky or wonky – so I couldn’t comment on that suggestion.

Can’t you handle the first suggestion by adding groups to “Favorites” in the DEVONthink sidebar? There’s a “Favorites” section of the clipper, right at the top. Any “Favorite” in a currently-open database will appear there. It’s easy to drag groups into “Favorites” and delete the Favorite when it’s no longer needed.

I understand the complexity around classification. As a single database user, that’s an oversight on my part.

As for the ‘current folder’ - yes, you’re right, that could be a solution, but it increases friction - it means I have to prepare things in advance, and it changes the meaning of favourites while I’m using this process.

I have a suspicion that there are technical barriers related to the segregation of the clipper and the main application runtimes here. :slight_smile: