Feature Request: DB name next to Inbox

A very simple suggestion for future versions of the clipper. Could DTPO possibly provide the name of the database being used, next to the Inbox.

Right now, we’ve got this:

Which results in, huh? What Inbox, in what database? It would be much more handy if the database being used was noted next to the Inbox destination.

A very minor additional suggestion would be: showing the Inboxes of open databases, at the top of the list of recent destinations, since 99% of the time, that’s where new content is initially filed, instead of having to scroll down through dozens (or hundreds) of potential root-level Groups, in all open databases.

Thanks for the consideration.


As a thought, you could rename the inboxes to Inbox. I started doing this years ago because I ran into multiple places where having the same name for all inboxes was problematic.

I’d second Greg’s suggestion, which I also do, and add that I further customize the Inboxes with custom icons for each database so I can identify them in the Favorites, etc.

+1 for Patrick’s suggestion to put Inboxes first. And I’d add Favorites to the list after Inboxes.

I vote for Patrick’s suggestion too. I also rename my inboxes, especially since I put the inboxes to several databases in the sorter. But occasionally when I optimize a database, the inbox is renamed back to “Inbox”. That’s a minor annoyance since it means the sorter doesn’t put things where it needs to until I rename it again and reset the sorter.

In my experience the Inbox of a database should not be renamed when a database is optimized-I’ve never seen that behavior. Also, when an Inbox has been renamed, the Sorter should still import to the selected Inbox even when the Sorter has not yet reflected that the name has changed. The next time either of these happen to you, it might be helpful to see if anything is logged to the Console and if so, open a bug report with the ticket system.

I’d be in favor of this also.

I do force the Inbox to appear at the top of the list for each database by prefacing the Inbox database name with the ‘@’ symbol, so all my database inboxes appear as ‘@<database_name> Inbox’. This is helpful when a particular inbox is not already in the recent destinations list.

Thanks for the suggestion, the next release will improve this and sort the groups in the popup by kind (like in the “Groups & Tags” panel) too.

You’re right. I just tested, and it only happens when I do a Rebuild Database.

You rock! Thanks very much!

Likewise Korm & Greg; I used to utilize 101 – okay, well, maybe only about 20 – different name changes/workarounds to make DTPO behave the way I wanted during the 1.x days, but everything started mostly just working in elegant and flexible ways, post 2.x (for me that amounts to, no more ------, @, 0-, ZZZ- group names, just to get the sort order I wanted to remain persistent).

I figured I’d mention the clipper stuff and see if anybody else felt the same way, since it stopped being just .js and became much faster & more flexible during the last update.