Feature request: default media filename setting


Congratulations on shipping DEVONthink To Go 3.0!

One of the workflows I’m most looking forward to improving is taking photos and getting them into DEVONthink.

When accessing the camera from within DEVONthink, it creates a media object whose title is

124 main street: Jan 01, 2021 at 4:20:00 PM EST

To me, any date format that isn’t ISO-8601 is sheer madness. And record whose title doesn’t begin with the date is madness. The location was supposed to be 123 main street, but GPS, so that’s not even all that useful (the town/province-state/country? maybe). I know the OS forces UPPERCASE AM/PM, but no. No, no, no. am/pm, please. I’d choose to omit the timezone, too, because the rough GPS data is enough.

So, yeah. A tokenized interface for building my preferred record name would be awesome. :slight_smile:

I guess that could be handled with a smart rule and possibly scripting. How do you get your photos into DT?

This is when taking a photo within DEVONthink To Go on my iPhone (though I’ll be exploring the new Shortcut options, too).

If it were on the Mac, I’d have the usual combination of Hazel and DEVONthink rules to lean on.

(A part of )the name seems to depend on your region settings. I get something like this (in Germany)
Bild: 10.02.2021, 22:23:02 MEZ
So 24-hour time, German date format. No idea where the “name” (meaning picture) comes from. It doesn’t contain any location information, though.

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Interesting! Clearly parts are OS-setting-dependent. :slight_smile: