Feature Request: Define search highlight color through a global setting


I would like to request a setting, which allows users to define the color of search term highlights in the global settings.

The problem is that the yellow search term highlights are not visible at all if the night shift setting is activated on my Macbook. So this becomes an obstacle whenever I use DevonThink later in the evening.

Thanks for considering.


I suggest you just stop working at night and go to sleep. Haha! Just kidding! :wink:

Thanks for the request and pointing this out specifically.
I don’t have night shift active right now, but I can imagine the effect. Development will have to assess this.

Alright, sounds good @BLUEFROG

And thanks for the suggestion… :sweat_smile:

I have a horrible work/life balance so I’m no one to preach :stuck_out_tongue:

A screenshot would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @cgrunenberg

Sure, here are some screenshots. First, without bluelight filter:

… and here’s a photo of the same search result with a bluelight filter activated in F.Lux (screenshots don’t capture the modified colors):

I see, it’s not the night shift of macOS.