Feature request: Dock Item menu, new document creation

It’s great you can ‘take a note’ from the Dock menu in DEVONthink.

I think two new items in there would be really useful, as sometimes I run with DEVONthink minimised and hidden while I do other things

  • “New Window” (like the File→«current database» ⇧⌘N shortcut), to open a window to use (and as I’d use it, close after usage - I tend to have a few, longer-term DT windows around for much of the time, but sometimes want to pop a new one out to find something without losing my place in the existing windows)

  • “New…”/“New from Template…” cascaded menus (like the Data→ menu items) which would open a new record window on invocation and populate it with the relevant template. Yes, it would probably default those items to the Inbox, I would imagine.

Couple of thoughts about things I’d find useful as I spend more and more time around DEVONthink.

Thanks for the suggestions. We will consider them for future releases. Cheers!