[Feature request] DTTG : Groups first in lists/grid


I would like to suggest an additional View options in DTTG: tick box for “Show groups first”. When selected, a visual horizontal separator between groups list and items list may been shown as visual reminder of current setting.

I believe Groups (aka folders) are key for manual browsing across items.
But it may be challenging to have an “old” group buried into numerous recent items if sort filter is set to Created/Descending for example. Same remark for other types with different sorting settings, of course. You get the idea…
The goal here is to mimic the Three Panes layout available in the macOS variant app: navigation capability remains always at hand.
(Unless you have plans to implement a Three panes layout in DTTG… (see iOS mail.app)
More than welcome on 12.9-inch iPads, some real estate wasted by DTTG on these screens)

Thank you for the suggestion. This is already on our feature requests list :slight_smile: